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Syng Cell Alpha HAS LANDED

In this video Joe N Tell does an unboxing, setup, and gives his initial impressions of the Syng Cell Alpha. Buy the Syng Cell Alpha:...

My Response to Steve Guttenberg

My Response to Steve Guttenberg's "Reasons I Rarely Do Negative Reviews" Video Original video by Steve Guttenberg: https://youtu.be/M4K4M1C-PXs

Powered Speakers Under $150! Neumi BS5P – Buy Them and Plug The Ports!

Buy the Neumi BS5P: https://bit.ly/NeumiBS5P Previous versions of the Neumi BS5P are on sale on Amazon, but you will need to flash them yourself. Only...

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Syng Cell Alpha Review – It’s a Subwoofer Speaker

The Syng Cell Alpha is like no other speaker I've ever reviewed. It's more similar to a subwoofer than a typical speaker. I like...

Using an AURO-3D Layout for Dolby Atmos!???

Auro-3D, DTS-X, Atmos (One-for-All) Setup Guide (PDF): https://bit.ly/Auro3DGuide

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