Sirui Portrait Lens vs Moment Tele Lens Review

In a previous post, I did a Wide Angle Moment Lens review and I was really happy with it. I wasn’t as pleased with the performance of the Tele lens. After posting the video review, I got a recommendation from John Harvey to check out the 60mm Sirui Portrait Lens.

I returned the Moment Tele lens and ordered the Sirui lens. I was amazed that it fits the Moment phone Case.

Comparing the Moment Tele Lens and the Sirui Portrait Lens

The Sirui Portrait lens is sharper than the Moment Tele lens, especially in the corners. Vignetting is also much better with the Sirui. The Sirui does not exhibit as much barrel distortion as the Moment Tele lens. Overall, I’m much happier with the image quality of the Sirui Portrait lens.


As far as build quality goes, the Sirui lens feels just as heavy and well-built to the Moment lens. Although the Sirui lens fits on the Moment phone case, Sirui also offers a clip adapter so you can use it on nearly any device without any specific case. The lens comes with a pouch, a lens cap for the front, and one for the back.

For almost half of the price of the Moment Tele lens, the Sirui Portrait lens is a great value and I highly recommend it.

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